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Cougars dominate the Liga Brasília tournament: Amidst Dribbles and Goals, a Season of Triumphs

With five trophies clinched, Nations' athletes celebrate victories on courts and fields

From October to December, the courts and fields of the Liga Brasília tournament have played host to intense sports battles among student-athletes from schools in the Federal District. The tournament, gathering student-athletes from national and international schools in Brasília, featured matches in both soccer and basketball.

Nations were represented in both sports and in the categories of boys’ basketball under-15 and under-18, boys’ soccer under-15 and under-18, and girls’ soccer under-15 and under-18. Amidst dribbles, baskets, and unwavering determination, the Cougars left an indelible mark on the championship, securing a total of five titles, with three silvers and two golds.

Our boys’ under-15 basketball team showcased skill and effort, reaching the final in November. The fierce battle against the EAB Bulls culminated in a valuable achievement: the silver trophy for our athletes. In the girls’ under-18 soccer category, the Cougars' players fought valiantly in the final against Real Madrid Brasília, securing a well-deserved second place in the competition—a match that stood out for its emotional and constant battle on the field.

Emotions reached their zenith when the under-15 girls’ soccer team made a grand debut in the trophy hall of the School of Nations. Our talented athletes faced an intensely contested final against the EAB Bulls, and with grit and determination, they clinched the title of champions in the Brasília League for their category. The 4x1 score against the opposing team reflects the excellence and determination that these young athletes displayed on the field.

Our boys’ under-15 soccer team, in a thrilling encounter against Real Madrid Brasília, saw the penalty shootout decide the fate of the trophy. With an outcome hanging in the balance, the Cougars claimed the silver, showcasing their resilience with each kick. In an incredible wave of victories, the boys’ under-18 soccer team also didn't let the first-place trophy slip away in the tournament. With four goals scored, the Cougars secured the top spot on the podium, celebrating gold and gaining recognition for their exceptional performance on the field.

For the Cougars, the first semester of the 2023-24 school year was marked by victories, overcoming challenges, and, of course, a lot of sportsmanship. We congratulate our athletes for their exemplary dedication and sportsmanship, and we eagerly anticipate what 2024 has in store for them. Join us in congratulating them after months of dedication, sportsmanship, and, of course, many victories.



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