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College Guidance

To make applying to colleges and universities easier for our students and their families, School of the Nations offers a comprehensive, ongoing guidance program for all high school students.

College guidance at School of the Nations is individualized. Not only do our College Guidance Counselors meet individually with each student to understand his or her unique talents and interests, but they also guide students and their families through each step of the university application process by providing workshops and one-on-one meetings.

Students are encouraged to take on a journey of self-discovery — learning about and understanding their goals and dreams. The College Guidance Department supports students on their journey, helping them find colleges and universities that match their educational and career goals. “The biggest challenge when choosing a university is first knowing yourself. Then, it is easier to find a university that best matches you,” says College Guidance Counselor, Ms. Nathália Silva.

Ms. Silva also points out some essential questions students need to answer when applying to universities abroad. She believes that once a student has a better understanding of who he or she is, it becomes easier to know:

  • whether he or she will be happy living away from family;

  • which careers he or she is interested in;

  • what the family budget is;

  • whether he or she would adapt to a new weather; and

  • which class’ size works best for him or her.

Students have access to all the tools and resources they need to apply to foreign and national universities. They take mock exams and SATs regularly. They go on college visits, attend individual meetings with College Guidance Counselors, and attend study halls. Our Advanced Placement Program is another differential at School of the Nations that helps further develop students’ academic repertoire and prepare them for their first year of college-level courses.

In addition to providing students individualized guidance services, our College Guidance Department also sets up college visits on campus. We invite universities from the United States, Canada, Europe, and the United Kingdom to talk to our students and their parents.

More than thirty universities showcased their programs during the first semester this school year. Representatives from these institutions answered students’ questions about studying abroad, application requirements, and campus life.

Communication with students and their parents is key to successful college preparation, and students, their parents, and the College Guidance Department each play an essential role in the process. Counselors advise, parents support, and students act.

If you would like to know more about our College Guidance Department, please contact us at



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