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College Acceptance Results

A new journey is about to start!

We would like to share the names of our thirty-three students who have already been accepted to universities. These achievements are proof of our students’ dedication, family support, and the School’s commitment to academic excellence.

International University Acceptance

Eighteen seniors have already received their acceptance letters from the foreign universities they applied to.

Some of the universities students chose are in the United States, England, Holland, Spain, and Italy. Together, they have earned over US$ 116,315 in scholarships. Some of the majors that students were accepted to include: Engineering, Fashion Design, International Relations, Political Science, Astronomy, Computer Science, Psychology, Game Design, Marketing, Business Administration, Journalism, Public Relations, Economics, Events Management, and Dance.

National University Acceptance

Fifteen students from the Class of 2019 and the Class of 2020 were accepted into their college of choice. They applied to private and public Brazilian universities.

Some of the majors that students were accepted to include: Aerospace Engineering, International Relations, Psychology, Games, Publicity, Economics, Law, Museology, Cinema, Medicine, and Statistics.



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