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Celebrating Creativity: Arts Day at School of the Nations

Harmonizing the Senses: Music, Visual Arts, Dance, and Brazilian-Inspired Breakfast Delight the Nations Community at Arts Day

On November 11, 2023, the Main Campus of the School of the Nations transformed into a kaleidoscope of artistic expression as the much-anticipated Arts Day unfolded. This annual event, held under the theme "Brasilidades" for the 2023-24 school year, aimed to foster multicultural artistic appreciation and engagement, successfully bringing together students, staff, and families for a celebration inspired by the rich culture and local Brasilia artists.

The primary goal of Arts Day is to promote multicultural artistic appreciation within our school community. Various artistic movements, including music, theater, visual arts, and more, were seamlessly integrated into the day's activities. The emphasis was on fostering creativity and educating community members through interactive experiences, all inspired by the vibrant Brazilian culture.

Workshops, Presentations, and Arts Fair

Students, teachers, and local artists collaborated to offer a diverse range of workshops, presentations, and an arts fair, all reflecting the theme of this year’s event. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in workshops such as Tie Dye, Silk Screen, Bracelets, a Circus workshop with Zé do Circo, Drawing, Upcycling Clothes, Face Painting, Sensorial Art, Creative Art Lab Workshop, Mural Painting, Paper Violins Workshop, How to Draw, Artistic Carnaval Makeup Workshop, and Bracelets.

The event also featured captivating performances, including Zumba classes, Tap Dancing, a performance from our Nations Band, Cheerleaders, Choir, a student drama presentation, and a pocket show by the talented singer Andrea Aiko. Additionally, the student-led club, Colorindo Brasília, painted a mural live during the event.

Providing a platform for students and local artists to showcase and sell their artwork, the Arts Fair was inspired by the diverse and colorful culture of Brazil. Participants included Nations students Annabella Barrios and Rebecca McDonnel, along with Atêlie Mulheres de Luz, Hermusche, Nano Garden, Galeria de Arte Casa Albuquerque & Livraria Travessa, Estilista Fernanda Ferrugem, Beatriz Cunha Trabalhos em Biscuit, Lila Alegrias Ilustradas, Yashasegawa, Dani Cunha Artes e Manufaturas, Isabella Oliveira, Luís Felipe Carvalho, and Marta Ruffoni.

Culinary Delights and Cultural Fusion

The public was treated to a breakfast buffet inspired by Brazilian finger foods, including pipoca, paçoca, açaí, corn cane with goiabada, and much more. This culinary journey added an extra layer of cultural richness to the event, showcasing the diverse elements that make up the School of the Nations community.

Art at Nations

Arts are an integral part of the Nations' curriculum, providing a space for creative expression and aiding students in developing their imagination and honing their artistic skills. The success of Arts Day wouldn't have been possible without the support and partnership of our school community and the enthusiastic participation of local artists.

For a visual journey through the vibrant celebration of Arts Day 2023, we invite you to explore the event's photo gallery here.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of Arts Day 2023. Your passion for the arts and commitment to fostering creativity within our community are truly commendable!



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