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Celebrating Children’s Day

On Thursday, October 10, students in Early Childhood and Elementary celebrated International Children’s Day! Through specially designed activities, students took learning outside their classrooms.

Elementary students began their celebrations early. From Monday through Friday, on October 7 to 11, everyone dressed up to express their School Spirit. They had a Crazy Hat Day, a What I Want to Be When I Grow Up Day and even a Twin’s Day - when students wore matching outfits to school.

Students enjoyed taking part in team-building activities and playing engaging educational games together throughout the week.

Early Childhood students engaged in exciting learning experiences. Led by a veterinarian and two farmers, students experienced the Projeto Refazenda - a local initiative that brings farm animals into schools. They learned about caring for animals and farm life.

In addition to petting a calf and two sheep, students also enjoyed activities that helped them further develop their sensory and motor skills.

We truly celebrated the spirit of childhood for International Children’s Day!



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