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Alumni Spotlight: Vitória Loiola

An interview with alumna Vitória Loiola

What profession do you want to pursue? What are your expectations for studying abroad and starting a professional career?

I just started my studies on August 18, and my expectations are high for both soccer and my professional career. At the moment, I’m still deciding between two courses — physical education and sports management. Being able to play in the US, I noticed how the sport is not valued very highly in Brazil. In addition to appreciating women’s soccer more, there’s also more space for women’s sports in the US, and all these factors excite me.

What are your expectations with the new routine you will have, knowing that you will be living alone in another country?

I have to confess that I’m still a little scared. It is a busy routine, and I’m not used to it. But, despite everything, I know that with time I will get into a rhythm and be able to balance my studies, training, and work.

Do you think studying at School of Nations influenced your decision to study abroad?

Absolutely! Besides the encouragement, School of the Nations influenced me mainly through support. Everyone supported me, especially the teachers, and it was essential because they were the ones who showed me my potential.

What will you miss most about School of the Nations?

My relationship with my teachers. I always had excellent relationships with everyone at the school —teachers, employees, the whole community. I usually say that School of the Nations is not a school, it’s a family. No matter what we need, we know the school will be there to help.

What advice would you give to students who come after you and want to study abroad?

My advice is that it is not enough just to say you want to study abroad; you have to go for it. Outside our country, the reality is different. You will encounter different cultures and customs and realize that there are things outside your understanding. So, if you want to study abroad, be open-minded to learn new things and get used to a new world. You have to really want it!



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