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Alumni Spotlight: Manoela Moura

An interview with alumna Manoela Moura

What year did you graduate from School of the Nations? How many years did you study here? Which course did you take after High School? At which university?

I began studying at School of the Nations in Grade 2, and I graduated in 2021! I took the entrance exams for medicine at several universities (the Universidade Estadual Paulista, the State University of Campinas (Unicamp), the University of São Paulo (USP), Einstein, and others). I also took the University of Brasilia’s PAS (Programa de Avaliação Seriada) and ENEM (the Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio).

Recently, I got approved in Medicine at UnB. I started classes on June 6 and I'm very excited about what lies ahead!

Tell us about your academic trajectory.

I was a good student. I always made an effort to do all my assignments well and turn them in on time. Until high school, I didn’t use to study for exams excessively, and I even left some to the last minute, which I do not recommend (ha-ha). But I rarely took an exam without having studied at all. However, in high school, things changed. I began to dedicate more time to learning because I took several Advanced Placement (AP) courses, which required much more effort. We also began to prepare for the PAS exam.

In general, I started studying for an exam one or two months before, but I was already good at paying attention in class. At the end of my senior year, I also focused on ENEM. When classes ended in the middle of 2021, I had six months to study for the PAS, ENEM, and college entrance exams, which would start at the end of the year or the beginning of 2022, so I took prep courses. I ended up being accepted into medicine through PAS this year.

What are your expectations as you start the course? How do you feel knowing this is the beginning of your career?

I am super excited to begin the course at the University of Brasilia! I’m so happy I’ll finally study things that interest me a lot, things that will help me become a good doctor! I’m also very anxious about the whole university experience, the people I’ll meet, and every detail about it.

I’m feeling super relieved after passing and for being able to start this new stage in my life. I’m also incredibly grateful for everyone who helped me on this path—and I highlight everyone at school!

What memories do you have of studying at School of the Nations? What do you miss most about the School?

I have so many special memories from when I studied at the school, from recess and laughing with my friends to the great relationship we had with all the staff, teachers, and coordination.

I miss those fun moments with my friends, how the school welcomes the students, and the super personal relationship we had with everyone who works there, always willing to help and talk with us. The school played a super important role in helping me become who I am today, both personally and


Do you think the education you received at School of the Nations has contributed to your personal and academic development? How do you believe the School has helped you?

Academically, the school helped me learn the content, not just memorize information to take a test. My AP classes helped me develop my critical thinking and reasoning, essential for college entrance exams. Also, I think the teaching system at the school takes a lot of the pressure off these assessments, which helped me a lot emotionally since I didn’t feel so nervous while taking the tests.

The quality of the teachers and classes also ensured that I built a good foundation during high school. In terms of personal development, the school is impeccable! Its philosophy encourages us to be citizens of the world, people who are engaged socially and concerned about helping others. I had several opportunities to do good at school, either through volunteer work or small everyday attitudes, which helped make me more empathetic and more attentive to others’ needs.

What advice would you give to our seniors who are about to graduate?

My advice is to try to dedicate a lot of time to this final stage—either in preparing for the vestibular or applying to universities abroad—but try to keep a balance and enjoy this little bit of time you have left in school. You will miss it later.

Although finishing high school is stressful, if you stay organized, you can be super productive, remain emotionally healthy, and have a lot of fun.



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