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Alumni Spotlight: Júlia Bianchini

An interview with alumna Júlia Bianchini

What profession do you want to pursue? What are your expectations for studying abroad and starting a professional career?

At Brown University, the course would be Biomedicine and Molecular Biology. In the end, what I want to study is molecular biology directed toward research. I have three areas of interest: cancer treatment, infectious disease research, and vaccine development.

There is no job in the area that I chose in Brazil, so if I wanted to stay, I would have to work as a university professor, which I do not want. With the opportunity to study in the United States, I have the chance to work exclusively in research within a university, either as a teacher assistant or working in laboratories. The salary for this area is excellent, and besides, I would have a lot of space and resources for research.

Are you going to attend Brown University or another university abroad? Do you know when you will begin your studies?

I don’t know yet! It depends on the amount of my scholarships, but I am deciding between Brown University and the University of Kentucky, my second choice and a great college. I love the city and the location, and I won’t be a bit sad if I have to go there. At the University of Kentucky, I already have a scholarship. At Brown, I still have to decide. But I am undecided between the two, regardless of the scholarship. As for the date, I will begin my studies in August 2022, regardless of which university I choose.

What are your expectations with the new routine that is to come, knowing that you will be living alone in another country?

I am very excited about it because it will give me the freedom I don’t have and wouldn’t have here. Not because my parents wouldn’t allow it, but, yes, because I believe I will have another type of freedom, like coming and going without depending on a car. I will be able to experience new things, new food, a new culture, and even the climate, which is very different from what we have in Brazil. I know I will have to adapt a lot! I chose the place and the college because I want to learn to live in that environment. I believe it will be perfect for me.

Do you think that studying at School of Nations influenced your decision to study abroad?

Actually, studying at School of the Nations gave me these opportunities. I didn’t know what my chances were or whether it would be possible. I hadn’t thought about studying abroad before the school started promoting the idea and the many possibilities.

What do you think you will miss most about the School of the Nations?

The relationship with the teachers. I’ve never studied at another school. I’ve studied here since elementary school, but from what I see from other people, it's normal to have a more distant relationship with teachers. Here, we have very close and kind relationships. If we have a problem, we can talk directly to them. It's very nice, and I know it’s rare.

What advice would you give to students who come after you and want to study abroad?

Start early! Applying to universities abroad is time-consuming and challenging. It takes persistence. I started this process in Grade 10, and it wasn’t easy. I would also say that it is particularly important to keep your grades up because they will make all the difference.



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