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Nations Wellness Program

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Wouldn’t it be nice if, while we work, we could also improve our health?

Since 2017, School of the Nations has carried out a series of wellness initiatives.

Nations’ Running Club is one of them.

Every week, members of our educational and administrative teams put on their running shoes and take on a series of aerobic exercises on the soccer field. Certified instructors carefully set up each running session and personalize routines for each participant.

The person who shows the highest commitment to the program receives an award at an end-of-year ceremony.

Besides our Running Club, the School has also promoted sessions of stretching exercises and dance classes.

The Nations Wellness Program aims to improve the overall health of School staff. Its strategies include helping employees increase their physical activity and reduce stress, providing information on nutrition and health, and assessing participants to uncover possible health-related issues.

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