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Young investor

An entrepreneurial mindset

At age 16, Nations’ Grade 10 student, Gabriel Monteiro Oliveira, is doing what many consider challenging.

He not only invests in the stock market but also teaches others how to do it.

Gabriel says he started investing in the American stock market and then moved into the Brazilian stock market. Today, he also holds fixed assets in the national treasury and the real estate market.

“I had a ‘light bulb’ moment not so long ago. I realized I could make my own money if only I were to study more about the market. And that is how it all started,” Gabriel says.

Over the years, Gabriel has learned more about investing, and that opened his eyes to another opportunity: selling tutoring programs.

Today, Gabriel owns a platform with different study modules, called “Formando Traders Titãs.” Anyone interested in learning more about economics, finance, and market strategies may enroll in the course.

“Investing in the stock market takes focus and discipline. Nonetheless, if I learned anything from all this, it is that anything is possible,” Gabriel says.

With these achievements, Gabriel plans to host talks and small conferences shortly. He also hopes to expand his business by offering new online courses as well as on-site classes.

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