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Sustainability meets science at Nations Goes Green

School of the Nations joined the environmental movement!

On April 6, our school community took part in Nations Goes Green and the Science Fair. Both events shed light on sustainable practices and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

For Nations Goes Green, our school community took part in a series of green-inspired actions such as a pet adoption fair and a uniform swap. Students, parents, and teachers also donated toys, clothes, and accessories to the flea market.

Our green market helped raise ecological awareness. Local vendors and guests sold pastries, dairy products, and pesticide-free vegetables.

For the Science Fair, Middle School students presented their science projects in the form of reports, display boards, and models. They used the scientific method as a research tool and conducted experiments focusing on raising awareness of or solving one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Adopting an experiential approach to learning, the Science Fair encouraged students to step outside the traditional learning environment, introducing them to forward-looking projects that stretch far beyond the classroom.

“We received great feedback on our Science Fair. We saw students taking the time to research and think of solutions to world problems such as access to clean water and sanitation and reducing inequality. They learned more about the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals while developing in-depth research skills,” said Nations’ Mathematics teacher, Ms. Rosana Guenka.

Math Sales Project

In class, Grade 5 students learned about math operations involving decimal numbers and then put their knowledge to practice in their Math Sales Project by selling products at Nations Goes Green. Students organized a bake sale to raise money for their community service project at the daycare center Monte Moriá in São Sebastião. They were responsible for choosing recipes, budgeting, and buying ingredients.

In all, students raised R$ 6.248,40 reais. They will use the money to cover the costs of the bake sale and to help the Monte Moriá daycare center.

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