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Immerse Education’s 2019 Global Scholars

Academic excellence

Imagine all you can learn by taking summer courses at one of the most renowned universities in the world, sharing academic experiences in an international community, and taking college-level classes in subjects you love. Two students at School of the Nations are one step closer to fulfilling this dream.

School of the Nations nominated Luiza and Isabella Serednicki for the Global Scholars 2019 Program — and both received scholarships.

Immerse Education, an award-winning provider of academic programs in the United Kingdom, takes place in inspirational locations, including colleges of Cambridge University. The Program offers educational experiences with diverse and enriching curricula. Programs are designed by expert tutors, which include some of the brightest minds from some of the world’s leading universities.

Student-participants learn in small classes, with supplementary workshops and engaging activities – and they live and learn in historic colleges of Cambridge University.

The Global Scholars Program is an excellent accolade for high performing students interested in pursuing future studies at a leading university.

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