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BRAMUN XVII: “Silence is the Triumph of Injustice”

“Silence is the Triumph of Injustice”

“Silence is the Triumph of Injustice,” was the theme of Brazilian Model United Nations (BRAMUN) XVII. Twenty-one of our high school students took part in the largest Model United Nations conference in Latin America to debate present-day world issues. The 2019 conference took place in Sauípe, Bahia, with the participation of students from other eighteen international schools throughout Brazil.

From March 20 through 24, students researched and debated world issues in the student-led simulation of the United Nations. To prepare for the conference, students studied the positions of the countries and governmental entities they represented.

During the conference, student-delegates form a delegation, each of which represents a country or governmental entity. In pairs, they assume their roles as diplomats and represent their delegation's views and policies.

With ten committees and a news press, students debated topics such as political persecution in Venezuela and the rise of alternative-right movements in Europe and the Americas.

Eight students received special recognition for their performance at BRAMUN XVII.

Chair Position

  • Lara Arruda (Grade 11) Vice-Chair for the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Best Delegation

  • João Augusto Hoffman (Grade 12) and Ramiro Marc Rodrigues (Grade 12) representing Finland on the European Commission

Outstanding Delegations

  • Giovanna Basso (Grade 11) and Lara Arruda (Grade 11) representing South Africa on the Human Rights Council

  • Alexandre Camargo (Grade 12) and João Braga (Grade 10) representing Russia on the Political Committee

  • Mariana Ferraz (Grade 12) and João Guilherme Borges (Grade 12) representing France on the Political Committe

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