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Book Fair 2019

It is time to read outside the box!

Poetry books, comics, science fiction almanacs, and magazine covers - our theme for this year's Book Fair, "Reading Outside the Box," is a reminder that reading in all its forms is part of our everyday lives. In picnic-style, the event featured a series of cultural events, from theatrical performances and recitals of poetry to book swaps and sales. Over one-thousand-eight-hundred people attended the Book Fair on both campuses this year.

At the Main Campus, our annual Book Fair took place on Saturday, May 11. Parents, teachers, and guests enjoyed students’ drama plays, poetry recitations, and other activities. In addition to learning about and enjoying students’ projects, guests were also able to play chess with their families and friends and meet both local and international book authors.

To develop their writing skills and creativity, students in Grades 2 and 3 wrote and illustrated their own fables and short stories. This lead up to one of the most anticipated events of the Book Fair, an autograph session. Students signed copies of their books and presented them to their families and friends.

Hundreds of books were on sale, but students also brought books and comics from home to exchange with their classmates. In partnership with the Parent-Teachers Association, the Book-Swap promotes sustainability, letting students exchange books they have read for new ones.

A new take on our Book Fair

In alignment with our annual campaign "Create the Change," the Book Fair created new opportunities for students and the school community to interact with literature.

One of the changes this year was the setting of the Book Fair at our Main Campus. Tents, tables, rugs, and decor beautifully spread out over the soccer field gave a welcoming atmosphere to the event. Everyone enjoyed students’ presentations at the Cultural Stage while enjoying some time with family and friends in a picnic-style setting.

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