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A Year of Service

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Moral Education report

Our School community took part in many community service projects throughout the 2018-19 school year. We came together for volunteer days, workshops, fundraising campaigns, donations, and picnics. Students, families, and members of the school community put into action and developed a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the moral values, virtues, and commitment to service the School espouses.

This year, students took part in more than fifty-four community service projects, reaching out to more than thirteen social institutions and positively impacting the lives of five hundred and ten children and adolescents.

Parent involvement increased notably. Sixty-two families took part in community projects. Parents organized a campaign to give school supplies to a daycare center in São Sebastião, held workshops during volunteer days, and hosted early morning picnics with the school community. The number of parents who take part indirectly in acts of service grew as well.

Our Moral Education Department reached out to collaborate with local institutions, such as our sister school Instituto São Judas Tadeu. Nation’s team of coordinators and facilitators gave workshops on cooperative games, child development, and moral values to over thirty teachers, assistants, and members of the pedagogical team at Instituto São Judas Tadeu.

Through service, students, their families, and the wider school community are gaining a stronger understanding of their roles in building a better world, and their capacities to know, love, and serve humankind.

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