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Girl Power Club

Once a week during recess, a group of girls in Grade 4 have been attending our Girl Power Group with Ms. Michelle. During this time, students have the opportunity to express themselves and discuss building healthy and happy friendships both inside and outside of school. These skills are developed through team building activities, the arts, and sometimes even yoga!

By conducting these discussions and exercises in a safe and respectful environment, the girls learn how to support and empower each other, while also developing their self-confidence. The goal of the group is to build a strong community of girls at School of the Nations.

One of the girls who takes part in Girl Power remarked, “I like Girl Power because the girls have a lot of problems, and the group is a place where we can solve them. I have learned how to be more kind to others, respect others, and become a better friend.”

The group is growing in popularity, and Girl Power already has plans to expand into Grade 5.

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