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Food and Nutritional Education

To encourage healthy eating habits and promote cross-curricular food and nutritional education our School adopts a holistic nutrition program that enables students to make informed food choices and eat more healthily

Food education integrates healthy lifestyle habits. In addition to reflecting the personalities of our students, the School's food and nutritional education project provides for both physical and mental health. One of our goals is to promote an inviting school environment in terms of our food and nutritional program.

At School of the Nations, developing healthy eating habits starts early. Our nutrition educators and kitchen staff help promote lifelong healthy eating habits. Every month our Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Grade 1 students learn more about food and nutrition. They learn about personal hygiene, the nutritional value of food, and other interesting topics.


From afternoon snacks to our carefully planned daily lunch, we understand that improving nutrition education is a key step in promoting the healthy physical, mental and social development of our students.

To meet this demand, we have a nutrition committee made up of parents and School community members from the Elementary and Middle School sections. They listen to students' requests, review the School’s strategies for food and nutrition education, and raise relevant suggestions about the menu.


  • Go organic.

Our students have a wide variety of natural and organic foods for morning and afternoon snacks, as well as for lunch.

  • Choose better.

Small changes in strategies also occur in the day-to-day routine in our kitchen. Recently, for example, we started working with a local producer who sends us fresh, unsweetened juice, free of pesticides and preservatives. Another example is the use of olive oil rather than corn oil, and butter instead of margarine.

  • Eat fresh.

Our kitchen staff and nutrition team have twenty-four employees. Every day, four hours before serving, our staff begins preparing the meals; and everything is cooked the same day!

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