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Arts Day

Featuring a plethora of unique cultural practices, musical presentations, and art exhibitions, Arts Day is the ideal environment to promote the creative arts.

With more than a dozen activities, students, their parents, and our school community enjoy a morning of exciting new learning experiences.

Once a year, we invite students to share their artistic talent by participating in Arts Day. Among the students’ work are drawings, paintings, sculptures, and photography. At the beginning of the year, each class is assigned a unique art project - students do research, learn techniques, and display their final work on Arts Day.

Arts Day also provides opportunities for students and our school community to enjoy cultural and musical presentations. This year, we welcomed hip-hop singers, graffiti artists, comic-book illustrators, actors, pop culture artists, among others.

At our Early Childhood campus, students also celebrated Music Day! There were samba, frevo, baião and bossa nova presentations.

Our Arts Department seeks to expand the artistic repertoire of our students by teaching them about art history. They also promote different means for our students to express their creativity. Ink, fabric, canvas, brushes, musical instruments, and dance moves - everything is possible - especially on Arts Day!

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