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Students get first-hand view of Congress through the Câmara Mirim project

What would you do if you could be a member of Congress for two days?

On October 25 and 26, 348 students from all over Brazil, including thirty of our students, took part in the “Câmara Mirim” or Junior Chamber - an educational project developed by Brazil’s House of Representatives that simulates legislative activity.

Organized and promoted by “Plenarinho,” an organization of the Chamber of Deputies, “Câmara Mirim” opened the doors of the National Congress to students in Grade 5 through 9 to play the role of a member of Congress. Students took part in simulations of legislative activities in which they presented ideas, debated pressing issues, and voted for new laws and projects.

Three bills were brought up for discussion during the two days. One of the bills submitted by the students involved restricting the distribution of plastic straws. The bill was approved by more than three-hundred student-parliamentarians in a traditional roll call, that is, in the electronic panel in which the votes of the members of parliament are registered one by one. Student-lawmakers argued against the use of plastic straws while raising environmental awareness.

Rogério Pena, one of our students from Grade 8 who took part in the event, said the project really brings the experience of citizenship to life, while helping students work together.

“Everyone is responsible for improving our country. We can set higher standards for Brazil, and now is the time to change for the better,” Rogério said.

We congratulate all our students who participated in "Câmara Mirim" and our history teacher, Reinhold, for promoting citizenship.

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