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The joys of childhood

Team-building and fun group activities for students to celebrate Children's Day

Our Early Childhood and Elementary students enjoyed this year’s Children's Day celebrations. Over the course of a week, students enjoyed a series of outdoor activities and took part in daily themes as they celebrated the spirit of childhood!

Early in the week, students dressed up. Elementary students came to school wearing a variety of hats and accessories, while Early Childhood students wore crazy shoes and socks. Another day, students at the Main Campus paired up among themselves to dress up as "twins" with matching clothes, while students at the Early Childhood campus rocked their hairstyles with a lot of gel, glitter, and creativity for “Crazy Hair Day!”

Students also enjoyed a series of activities outside class. With several team-building activities and engaging games, students had a great time playing together.

At the Early Childhood campus, an incredible magic show with amazing tricks left students astonished and mesmerized!

Back at the Main Campus, the fun took on continental proportions with the game "Conquistando Nações." Invented by our After School staff, “Conquistando Nações” was inspired by the famous strategy board game “Risk,” in which players attempt to capture territories, conquering countries and continents. Once divided into six “continents” (or territories), School of the Nations’ grounds became a life-size board game for our young conquerors. Each territory had an activity that students completed to “conquer the land.” There was mini-bowling, basketball, a rope bridge, volleyball with water balloons, hula hoops, and blindfold soccer. Everyone had a great time!

With infinite smiles - that's how we celebrated Children's Day!

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