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Serving others by volunteering

Inspiring students, changing communities

Volunteering plays a vital role in addressing social inequality. On August 24, our school community came together to volunteer their time and talents for a day of service. Students, parents, teachers, and staff welcomed children from Cidade Estrutural and São Sebastião for leisure activities.

Everyone enjoyed entertaining games, face painting, and book-reading circles! As the morning ended, students and their families shared a delicious community picnic with their guests — highlighting our virtue of the month in Early Childhood, sharing.

Students at our Main Campus also developed service projects. They produced soap at our School Factory and planted vegetables in the Mandala Garden to produce cleaning products and food, which they will give to local shelters later. The Paper Recycling Workshop was the highlight of the day - a workshop in which students make crafts using recycled materials.

For our first volunteer day of this school year, whether it was enjoying the community picnic, working in the Mandala Garden, making useful household cleaning supplies, or planting food to donate, our volunteers contributed to improving neighboring communities.

Social inclusion, citizenship, connections, and solidarity — we believe volunteering is essential to making a difference in other people’s lives.

Thank you to all our volunteers!

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