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Nations Goes Green

Nations Goes Green celebrates sustainability. An organic fair, a flea market, a bake sale, and pet adoptions brought out the green spirit in students, parents, and visitors while reflecting our School’s values of sustainability

School of the Nations promotes sustainability. On April 7, Nations Goes Green raised awareness of ecology and broadened our school community’s perspectives of what sustainability entails.

Students used their negotiation skills in their bake sale to sell R$ 4.502,75 in baked goods. After accounting for costs, they earned a profit of R$ 2.382,06, giving all profits to a charitable institution in São Sebastião, Brasília.

The collaborative market was a highlight. Twenty-four vendors and guests sold clothes, accessories, sweets, and artwork. The School partnered with our Parent-Teacher Association to host a ‘Uniform Swap’ to exchange school uniforms rather than buying new ones and throwing the old ones away.

Nations Goes Green helped raise public awareness of environmental issues. We learned how to build toys and board games from recycled materials. Students and parents tested themselves by taking sustainability quizzes and earned prizes. A storytelling session with a financial education counselor and children’s book author taught younger students and their parents tips on how to manage money.

Our School Factory showcased solar panels made by High School students, who demonstrated how the solar panels work, and how we can use them as inexpensive water heaters. They also sold detergent and disinfectant produced at School from used cooking oil from our cafeteria.

Nations Goes Green is self-sustainable. Money earned from table rentals for the collaborative market and students’ food sales is donated to charities. ID tags, decoration, and all other materials used for the event are recycled or repurposed and reflect Nations’ commitment to sustainability.

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