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Be a Reading Hero with the Power of Words

Inspired by our annual campaign, this year’s Book Fair welcomed students and the community to an adventurous journey of reading

Not all heroes wear capes, but they all enjoy books! This year’s Book Fair theme “Be a Reading Hero with the Power of Words” was inspired by our schoolwide annual campaign “The Power of Words.” On May 12 and 19, students, families, and friends enjoyed a morning of interesting and fun activities.

Students displayed their literary works in various exhibitions. They decorated the school halls and ceilings with their poems, essays, drawings, and photos. Guests immersed themselves in every Grade’s projects and enjoyed reading students’ quality work.

Grade 2 students wrote fables. In class, they created their plots and characters, and then wrote their own fables, complete with a moral at the end. Their English and Portuguese teachers then compiled all the fables into a book. During the Book Fair, second graders shared the spotlight as renowned authors. They signed copies of their book and presented them to their families and friends.

At our Early Childhood Campus, students and their parents enjoyed a heroic morning. Families exercised their imaginations and used their crafting skills to personalize capes, wands, and masks. At the end of the morning, everyone watched a play “The Wizard of Oz” - where the audience dove into the adventures of Dorothy and her companions.

Students could choose from hundreds of books of different genres, sizes, colors, and even languages!

In addition to buying new books, students brought their books and comics from home to swap with their classmates. Organized by the Parent-Teacher Association, the book swap lets students exchange books they have already read for ones they have not.

Because Book Fairs are all about bringing families and the community together, we also held chess tournaments, workshops, and poetry recitals for everyone to take part. Four authors also joined us to share their books with the community. A special thanks to Olívia Cicci, Daniele Chaves, Eduardo Coelho, and Íris Borges for being part of this year’s Book Fair.

“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.” — Dr. Seuss

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