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Alumni Spotlight

An interview with alumna: Vanessa Jayme Villela

When did you graduate from School of the Nations?

In 2006. I studied at School of the Nations for six years. I started in Grade 6.

What college did you attend? What was your major?

I majored in Publicity at Instituto de Educação Superior de Brasília (IESB).

Tell us more about your educational journey.

I had no doubt about what I wanted to study. I knew Publicity was what I wanted long before I graduated from School of the Nations. At IESB, each semester my classes got more interesting and practical. I remember having to shoot a TV commercial, and my team won the contest. Our college board liked it so much, they used our commercial on TV and in local cinemas. Another major surprise was being honored as valedictorian when I graduated from the university. A few years later, I decided to specialize in Marketing at the University of California, in Berkeley. All my grades, both from School of the Nations and from college, were important in my acceptance to UC Berkeley.

And how has your professional life been?

I started an internship in my third semester in college. In a year and a half, they hired me. My first job was in Marketing at ‘TV Band,’ though I later went to SBT. Two years later, I decided to leave my job to study at Berkeley. When I returned to Brazil, I worked for Bodytech, where I was responsible for Marketing campaigns for their gyms in four cities. Sometime later, I went to work for Brasal Incorporações, where I stayed for two years. Then, I decided to focus on developing my entrepreneurial skills. I took several Digital Marketing courses, and today I have a small agency. It has been a wonderful experience and professional achievement.

Do you believe School of the Nations added to your life, both personally and professionally?

Without a doubt! Today, people who stand out, who are true leaders, are those who respect their neighbor, people of integrity who can relate to others. And if there is one thing we learn at School of the Nations it is respecting one another, no matter your nationality, culture, or religion.

What are your best memories from your time at School of the Nations?

Oh wow... There were so many! Though my best memories are from the Festival of Nations and from sports tournaments. How I miss those times! Go Cougars!

What advice would you give to our students who are thinking about studying abroad?

Adventure out into the world! Enjoy every opportunity and experience abroad to its fullest, not only to learn more but to grow as a world citizen.

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