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Salut des Armes: A Demonstration of Modern Fencing

Students in Grades 6 – 8 had a rare opportunity to see and learn some of the basic principles of modern fencing.

You have seen it in movies like Zorro and The Three Musketeers, or during the Olympics once every four years. Modern fencing has been around since the 18th century ever since men learned the art of swordsmanship. On December 6, our Middle School students had the opportunity to see close up the discipline needed to be a fencer.

Two swordsmen from Brasília, Francisco Busolli and André Rothfeld, shared valuable fencing lessons with students. First, students watched a Corps-à-corps simulation between both fencers in the gymnasium. As they both saluted each other, students learned protocols, rules, and fair play practices in fencing.

Mr. Busolli then gave a brief description of the sport. He explained its history, background, scoring, basic techniques, and some of the terms used by athletes and international Fencing associations.

Then it was time for students to practice what they learned. In two teams and under the guidance of both professional fencers, students practiced ‘attack’ and ‘defense’ positions. They exercised patience and discipline and learned how to perform hand and footwork properly and how to wait for commands.

André Rothfeld is a graduate of School of the Nations. Our Physical Education Coordinator, Denise Jayme, invited him to take part in a special P.E. class to introduce the sport to students.

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