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Storytelling project on ECE

On ECE campus, this year we started a Reading project. This reading club give us an opportunity to use our library on a moment of reading for the students with their parents.

Each quarter of the school year we will call some storyteller to read some book for the students after their classes. On August 27, our first reading moment, we had the author and teacher of School, Guizilla Cola, who read and talked about the story of one of her books called “As Aventuras de Dragôncio, a Jornada pelo Egito Antigo". The search was so big that we had to make two sessions of reading.

Our plan is call other important authors of Brasília to help us with this project to bring even more our students into the universe of reading.


EBSCOhost is an intuitive online research platform that provides leading research databases for academic libraries, school libraries, public libraries, medical institutions, corporations, and military institutions. With quality databases and search features, EBSCOhost helps researchers of all kinds find the information they need fast.

Our school implemented this platform to provide articles, e-books, e-journals, magazine subscriptions and others works that can help students and also their parents to search for something that their are work on.

The platform is available for every grade and all the staff of our School.

Grade 2 Reading Project

Developed by two of our Portuguese teachers, Ms. Drianny and Ms. Sabrina, students in Grade 2 began a reading Project called Conquering News Readers, a fun and motivating Project that students enjoy. The Project helps students develop organization and speaking skills and helps build their confidence in reading.

Our first activity took place on September 18. Two children’s book authors, Ms. Iris Borges and Mr. João Rodrigues presented one of their books by reading a selection from their stories to students and parents.

Students enjoyed hearing the stories and were interested in learning how to write and create a book.

The Project not only brings authors and students together to enjoy reading but also encourages students to read more.

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