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Parent-Teacher Association Elects New President and Organizes Breakfast to Honor Teachers

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) elected Christiane Bernardes as their new president for the 2017-18 school year. Christiane takes the place of Anna More, who was president the past two years.

We thank Anna More for her work as PTA president. During her two-year tenure, the PTA carried out many successful projects, such as Teachers’ Day, the Book Club, and Host Families. The PTA has also encouraged parent involvement in our Festa Junina and other events. Parent-School partnerships are a formidable force in helping our students grow and develop. We welcome Christiane in her new role.

Christiane and other PTA committee members were elected in September (see the complete list below). After choosing the new composition of the PTA, members also defined initiatives they want to achieve this year.

Their first initiative took place on October 10 when they held a breakfast in honor of our Early Childhood teachers. The day after, Elementary and Secondary teachers were honored for Teachers’ Day.

If you would like to receive information about PTA events, activities, and meetings, please send an email to Include your full name, email address, and the name of your child.

Below are the newly elected members of the PTA.

  • President: Christiane Bernardes.

  • Executive Committee: Thais Catunda, Andreia Ávila Silva, and Patrícia Pulido.

  • Deliberative Committee: Liliana Romero, Carmen Clark, Kátia Balbino, Hannah Nielsen, Anna More, Cláudia Nardon, Roberto Thomaz, Susheela Rodrigues, Flávia Almeida, and Marcela Mundim.

  • Fiscal Committee: Sara Bigatti and Tatiana Britto.

We thank all who lead the PTA at School of the Nations. We are looking forward to a wonderful year.

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