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ECE celebrates Peace Day

On September 21, the ECE Campus celebrated Peace Day. During the whole week teachers worked the theme with the students, talking with them about it and at the end making a peace dove to contemplate the Fine Motor Coordination, language, writing benchmarks and also the Habits of the heart benchmarks as the gold rules of the School.

The teacher told to the students the meaning of Peace, and after each student explained with examples what they understood about it, some of the examples were: not to fight, take care of your friend, no war, fell well, don’t have noises, even the word appease came on.

After that, the Grade 1C and Kinder C teacher talked about the current theme, the North Korean threat with their bomb produce and the launch bombs threat that are capable to destroy a country, but everything was said with careful to not scare the kids, but also to let them know our current reality.

Using our annual theme “The Power of The words”, teachers made a list of words that represent peace (Careful, love, friendship, kindness, quietness, respect and others).

To symbolize peace, students used the palms of their hands to draw the body of a dove and them they add the details, like the eyes and feathers. In the dove, students wrote the words that represented peace for them.

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