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Programming Sustainable Development Goals, One stApp at a Time

How convenient would it be to see details about all schools in Brasília? To let parents access and compare nearby schools? And to have institutions share feedback and improvement plans? All in the palm of your hands, one app away?

Skool Advisor, an app prototype and brainchild of eighth grader, Daniel Rego, was one of many app development projects students in Grade 8 designed. During the first quarter, students, led by their teacher, Ms. Blenda Oliveira, mapped out ideas for apps based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development goals. The idea? To bring students closer to helping solve worldwide issues.

In 2016, Global leaders pledged to promote projects to end hunger, reduce inequality, and promote clean, affordable energy as part of a new sustainable development agenda. But it was education that inspired Daniel. Having a great idea is not always enough though. Daniel found he needed help. He invited his friend, Gabriel Barbieri, to help with programming, and together they developed Skool Advisor for their 21st Century Skills class.

Throughout the school year, students planned, researched, designed, and programmed apps to offer technological solutions to real-world problems. Using a tool from MIT – App Inventor – and several other resources, Grade 8 students combined innovation with social commitment.

“Technology is the future, programming is the future,” said Daniel. “It was great trying to develop an app to benefit the community.”

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