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Grade 9 Presents the Play Fragmented Pieces

From Grade 6 through 9 Nations’ students take drama. As part of Grade 9 tradition, students celebrate the end of this phase of their education by producing and performing an end-of-year play for their parents and the school community. On May 26, students presented Fragmented Pieces, a modern collage of texts written and produced by them, consisting of three plays and musical presentations.

Students produced the entire play, from their costumes to the scenery, and their teachers evaluated their final work.

They first presented A Cantora Careca, their adaptation of the play written by Eugene Lonesco. The plays, Entre o Céu e a Terra and Deu a Louca nos Contos de Fadas, were produced solely by students. Deu a Louca nos Contos de Fadas starred princesses, played by the boys, and princes, played by the girls, both in the best of Shakespearean style.

Fragmented Pieces began with students performing two songs, Rolling in the Deep, by Adele, and Say You Won’t Let It Go, by James Arthur. They ended with a rendition of the song from the film Titanic, by James Horner.

The play was a success, making teachers, parents, and students proud. Well done Grade 9!

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