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Grade 7 Students Learn about Gender Equality

As one of the School’s core values, gender equality is a critical issue for students to understand. In Grade 7, teachers and students explored the topic through videos, images and texts that help them understand why we must treat women and men equally.

Their first discussions were so good that teachers decided to have students create presentations for them to share with their parents and peers.

One student said the project was important because kids learn that men and woman are equal, that they deserve the same treatment, that feminism is a good thing, and that men can be feminists too.

Six students presented their work at this year’s Book Fair, on May 13. They put together great presentations that their audiences loved. Here are phrases of two students’ essays we think you will enjoy.

“On this days, the word feminism it’s being modified and you meaning changed. This expression doesn’t mean that we, women, are better than men. That we want to be above them. No, it mean that we want to be equal them. We want something called gender equality.” – Elisa, 13 years old, grade 7”

“But why are things for boys and thing for girl. Since when soccer was magically selected just for boys? You can ask any child or adult, if a girl born – Let’s put her on ballet! If a boy born – He will be the next best soccer player of the world! But why? Why every girl made ballet when was little? Why, if when we are on physical education class, girls hide and tell that this is boy stuff?

But what its feminism? Feminism it’s when all genders are accepted and not when a woman is superior to man.” – Ana, 13 years old, grade 7.

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