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AASSA Conference Rio 2017: Three Teachers Presenters from School of the Nations Offered Practitioner

Feeling Glad with Engaging Student Oral Participation

Annie Anderson presented on GLAD, Guided Language Acquisition Design. GLAD provides best practices for elevating academic oral language in the classroom. Current research and stand-alone strategies were presented like 10-2s, processing input charts/chants, and numbered heads together. Participants were called upon to:ReInvent, ReFresh, and ReNew your instructional practices for ELLs (English Language Learners)!

Bio: Annie Rose Anderson (School of The Nations)- 4th Grade Teacher, ENG & SCI

I am originally from the north side of Chicago, Illinois, USA and have taught for more than 10 years both in dual language and mono-lanaguage classroom environments. I am extremely passionate about teaching English as a second language and have been abroad for four years now. I find that traveling and teaching has fostered my creative and social spirit. I welcome all conversations regarding education and life`s adventures

Monitoring and Evaluating Curricular Implementation Processes: Data on Teacher Performance to Improve Student Learning

Dr Duque addressed how to: Evaluate your curriculum implementation Differentiate Professional Development according to teachers' strengths and challenges and enhance teacher accountability. Learning organizations who aim for continuous improvement need to work with teacher performance data. This presentation provided key factors and tools from previous implementations that make monitoring and evaluation possible and reliable.

Bio: Dr. Ana Maria Duque, Learning Coordinator at School of the Nations I have been in education for almost 30 years, as teacher, principal and curriculum leader. I have a PhD in Education from King's College, London

I worked as Curriculum Coordinator for Colegio Bolivar in Cali, Colombia for 8 years and for the past 2 years as Learning Coordinator at Escola das Nações. Our curricular implementation has been developed as an enquiry process through data, from which we have learned to improve teachers´practices and student learning.

Rethinking and Reconnecting Some Major Mathematical Concepts in K to 5

Ms. Pereira’s presentation lead its participants to revisit the number sense ladder and its connections to students' future level of proficiency, while exploring and relating major conceptual benchmarks in the K to 5-mathematics curriculum. In addition, they will explore better choices to assess genuine comprehension of several essential mathematical concepts.

Bio: Elisa Pereira, Math teacher/ K-5 math facilitator

Education: | - Master's degree in Mathematics - Algebra field, University of Brasilia, Brazil | - Bachelor and teaching mathematics degrees, University of Brasilia, Brazil | Specializations: | - Math Specialist in International Schools, AERO Math Common Core Plus, 2016 | - Multisensory mathematics I and II - ASDEC, Maryland | - Advanced Teaching Strategies Graduate Course, Framingham State College | - Supervision and Staff Development Graduate Course,

Interests: - Mathematics education,Teacher training, Mathematics curriculum Experience:- 18 years of teaching mathematics ranging from grades 2 to college, Middle and high school math coordinator at School of the Nation,Middle and high school Principal at School of the Nations, Middle school teacher in private schools in Virginia and Washington, DC, Currently teaching grade 5 math and math facilitator/coach for Pre-K to grade 5 at School of the Nations

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