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Nations Voice: A Student-Led Voice to the Nation's Community

In May 2016, a group of Secondary School students and three staff members came together to brainstorm ways to empower our school community and to help each of its member understand the feeling of being #proudtobenations.

They created a project named Nations Voice, with the mission of creating change by giving a voice to the Nations’ community and expressing its identity. They shared: “We are a group of funky enthusiasts aiming to communicate about the routine and daily lives of the Nation's' community. We will be making some noise! We believe our differences unite us and that should be shared.”

They have four main categories for posts they publish on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

  • Humans of the Nations: Inspired by the well-known "Humans of New York," this project aims to share short testimonials about the lives of school community members.

  • Smile of the Week: Smile of the week features one happy moment from our week that is translated by a big smile. Students, staff members, parents and alumni express their happiness to #buildahappyworld in this project.

  • Nations Nostalgia: Travel with us back through time to the beginnings of Nations story. These posts compare old and new realities of our school's facilities, people and situations.

  • Short Documentaries: In the form of video, we prove how our differences unite us and make Nations a true international school. Student members create short testimonials about various subjects to give a voice to our Nations' community.

Please ‘like’ their page on Facebook and keep up to date with unique stories and memories of our school.

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