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Early College Acceptances

Top 4 petroleum universities in the U.S., 7 partial scholarship offers and more!

As members of an international educational community, it is important to visualize the many doors of opportunity School of the Nations opens for your children for their future studies and careers. We are pleased to share a few recent international successes of our students.

Six seniors in our class of 2017 just received notice of their early acceptance into international and national universities! They knew what they wanted and focused on preparing early to apply for scholarships. With the help of our College Guidance Counseling Program, the six soon-to-be university students have filled all requirements to enter universities abroad.

Beatriz Xavier

  • Savannah College of Art & Design – Architecture/ 25% scholarship

  • Arizona State University – Honors College -- Architecture/ 20% scholarship

  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte – General

  • Colorado State University – Biochemistry/ 30% scholarship

  • University of British Columbia (UBC) Vancouver – Management

  • University of South Florida -- Architecture/ scholarship

Chang Siew

  • Penn State – Petroleum Engineering

  • Wentworth Institute of Technology – Engineering / scholarship

  • Colorado School of Mines - Petroleum Engineering

  • University of Tulsa - Petroleum Engineering / 50% Scholarship

  • University of Oklahoma - Petroleum Engineering / 50% Scholarship

  • New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology - Petroleum Engineering

  • Florida Institute of Technology - Chemical Engineering - 50% scholarship

  • Loyola Marymount University - Engineering

  • University of San Francisco - Economics

Britney Mbeng

  • Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences - Doctor of Pharmacy - Scholarship: $6,000 per year

  • The College of New Jersey - Chemistry - Scholarship: $5,000 per year

  • New York Institute of Technology - Chemistry - Scholarship: $18,000 per year

  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County - Pre-Pharmacy

  • Loyola University Maryland - Chemistry

  • Loyola University Chicago - Chemistry - Scholarship: $7,500 per year

  • Florida Atlantic University - Chemistry

  • Columbia College - Forensic Science - Scholarship: $5,000 per year

Gabriel Williams

  • Florida Institute of Technology – Electrical Engineering / 50% scholarship

Pedro Queiroga Morais

  • UBC Vancouver – Bachelors of Science

Gabriela Borges

  • Miami International University of Art and Design - Fashion merchandising

Catarina Rodrigues

  • Fundação Armando Alves Penteado (FAAP) - Communication and Marketing (Animation)

Bernardo Zatz

  • John Hopkins - Summer Program on Engineering

Our academic and values programs and the deep level of English, Spanish and cultural knowledge students acquire while studying at School of the Nations prepare them to enter the most prestigious international educational institutions.

At School of the Nations since Grade 3, Britney Mbeng has been accepted into four universities in the U.S. Britney said that deciding to study abroad was an easy decision. “The main reason for me to study abroad is being able to take my knowledge and experiences from here and expand on them elsewhere. I began to think of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life during my freshman year, but when senior year finally rolled around and I needed to complete my applications, I truly understood what it meant to be stressed, determined, and completely honest. I spent the majority of my vacations editing my essays, requesting transcripts, and so much more. Nonetheless, I couldn't have turned everything in on time without help from the school. As my senior year comes to a close, I feel more and more ready to go to the university.”

A student at School of the Nations since Kindergarten, Beatriz Xavier was accepted to five North American universities, four of which offered her partial scholarships. “Because some of the earlier deadlines are in October or November, the first semester was pretty rushed, but the College Counseling Program helped me a lot. I would probably not have been able to do it without their help. Overall, most of the requirements were easy to meet because of the international curriculum at the school. With the international curriculum, I feel prepared to go to university, especially because of all the Advanced Placement classes like Capstone that we took throughout the years. The school provided almost all of the tests that were needed for me to apply, and the only ones that I had to take in other institutions were the TOEFL and the ACT.”

Chang Siew has been studying at Nations since Grade 4, and she was accepted into three universities in the U.S. One offered her a scholarship. “I had the inspiration to become the next female engineer in my family, to also study abroad, and to one day come back to Brazil and make a true difference. Nonetheless, going to the amazing summer program at Harvard University gave me the unforgettable sense of college life, and certainty that studying abroad was the right choice for me. The application process was very challenging, demanding hours of research both at home and at school. I started my college research in Grade 9, with the support of both the school and my family, and prepared early for the SATs and Advanced Placement exams and kept up my grade point average. Even though I am a student in the international program and got accepted into various universities in the United States, I will do the vestibular for the University of Brasilia in a few months to measure my academic and intellectual levels to enter a Brazilian university.”

Chang adds: “I feel prepared and confident in taking on a new challenge in my life and going to college. As a Nations’ student, I challenged myself throughout my high school years and, together with the school, learned that when I open my mind to learning, there is really no end to what the world has to offer. The school provided me all the necessary academic materials such as the courses, preparatory classes, mock exams (Advanced Placement, SAT and ENEM) and electives. Yet, the school also offered me the social and recreational experiences that I would not have learned in any other school, including the community service options, a variety of clubs and educational trips.”

Our seniors leave this message to their fellow students in Secondary School who will begin the process of getting into college soon: “As students, we must be responsible and take the initiative to benefit from what the school offers. We must be committed to contributing to the school in some way, in a sense giving back to the school for everything they have done to help us achieve our full potential. At the end of these years, you look back to your old self and look to your current self — taking AP courses, participating in many community service projects, attending classes after school, and receiving the support from the school — and it makes you realize how much you can grow as a world citizen, as a student, and as an athlete.”

We are proud of our students and wish them the best of luck!

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