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Alumnus Teaches High Schoolers Pixel Art

On February 21, 22 and 24, Nations’ alumnus, Philippe Jugnet, game and Pixel Art designer, met with our high school students to share his knowledge on Pixel Art. Philippe was named one of the top 3 Pixel Art designers in Brazil! What an honour to have him as a Nations’ Alumnus and guest speaker.

During the workshops, Philippe described some processes and techniques, showing students how to use MsPaint (design program used). He shared some examples of his artwork and prizes he won, to show students how this became a career to him. He first created a pixel art live then followed up with each student’s progress and gave them feedback on the activity they were assigned to do. Among the many topics he touched during the workshop, he focused on what is Pixel Art, the basic terms and techniques, creating a palette, a sprite and a scene.

Our students, who are always interested in digital art, made the most of the workshop and explored this new kind of art. We thank Philippe for his contribution and hope to see many more Pixel Art Designers coming out of School of the Nations!

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