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Testimonials from Seniors/2017

As they approach the end of their academic journey at School of the Nations, students of our graduating class of 2017 share their thoughts on what our school means to them.

Ana Micaela Scheidemantel, Nations’ student since 2002, is captain of the girls soccer team and is a very active and engaging student in many projects.

“I think that the school prepared us to face universities with a variety of AP courses and national classes, keeping all doors opened for future opportunities. I believe that the AP courses are fundamental, because they aren't just superficial subjects, they teach us to think beyond of what is being taught, which help us develop critical thinking skills that are extremely important for our lives.

We see it in our daily lives, we use the language to our advantage.The fact that we can speak 3 languages only makes us think of more creative and original projects.”

Anna Dudas, Nations’ student since 2003, took part in multiple extracurricular activities and community projects such as Learning for Fun. Anna’s GPA is above 4.0 and she took 8 AP classes throughout High School and scored a 3 or above in four AP Exams, including a maximum score on AP Spanish Language.

“I believe that the thing that really sets School of the Nations apart from other schools is that here the students receive a spiritual education in addition to an academic one, in the sense that the school teaches us a way of living and seeing life through making us think critically and get involved in projects that can change our community.

I like that students always have the opportunity to challenge themselves and grow through the large variety of AP courses offered by the school.”

Beatriz Xavier, Nations’ student since 2005, lead the Learning 4 Fun volunteering project and also has a GPA above 4.0. Just like Anna, she is an AP Scholar with Honors, having scored 4 or more in all AP exams taken.

“Our school has a very familiar environment that helps in the teacher/student relationship. The best aspect of Nations are the people and the variety of cultures that we have here.”

Britney Mbeng, Nations’ student since 2008, was voted High School president in 2017 and is part of the community wellness and student council.

The best thing for me about School of the Nations is the various opportunities to do community service. I consider myself someone who loves to help others and contribute as much as possible to my community, and by having the school grant us numerous chances to do something for others, I also gain this benefit.

School of the Nations allows for vast social connections due to its size, but most importantly, its vision and mission for the school. These aspects are vital to social growth and academic growth, so I feel prepared for the outside world and I may have not gotten this chance anywhere else.

I am so proud of my Student of the Month certificate. Even though I have an AP Scholar award, I believe the Student of the Month certificate I got in 10th grade is more representative of qualities pertaining to a well-rounded student. AP Scholar awards are based on academic skills, which are very important, but my Student of the Month award was given to me due to my hard efforts, my writing skills, my contributions to the school, and even academic excellence is included in some manner. I believe this is vital to the growth of a student because it shows that skills transcends merely good grades and high scores.

Camila Dias, Nations’ student since 2012, says:

“At Nations, teachers aren't dictators, they are parents. They treat and care about us like their own children.

I believe that one of the biggest shocks people face when beginning university life is the cultural shock, something that none of the students here will have trouble dealing with. As for the academics, the classes are very small, meaning that we get special attention and our doubts resolved quickly. We also have access to college application guidance whenever we need it. Three diplomas and three languages have a tremendous effect on our academic performance.”

Catarina Rodrigues, Nations’ student since 2007, explained that:

“I believe that all students would agree with me when I say that our school is the most comfortable space we know for learning.”

Nnanyelugo Okeke, Nations’ student since 2015, was part of the MUN club and has engaged in many service projects.

“School of the Nations has prepared me for university admissions by giving me the tools needed such as naviance, common app, and much more. They have an excellent college preparation team. Personally, I am having a wonderful experience as a Nations’ student.”

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