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Math Invasion

On Saturday, October 29, the Elementary School math team organized a Math Invasion Day, which included a series of engaging activities connecting math skills to arts, sports and sales with numerous activities such as chess, math in the arts, math in sports, and digital math games. Each student signed up for two activities for a morning full of math immersion and fun! Over 80 Elementary School students took part in Math Invasion Day!

The main objective of the event is to show how mathematics can be fun - blending the subject with interactive and fun activities, games and arts in order for them to apply their math knowledge in everyday situations.

Here’s a list of the activities students could choose from:

  • Chess: For Chess lovers. Come play one of the greatest games ever invented!

  • Math in Arts: Come build your own toothpick sculpture! It’s a construction project that can be as simple as poking a bunch of toothpicks in play dough for or as challenging as building a bridge or tower for older kids.

  • Jack Straws (Pick-up sticks): Come play pick-up sticks, a game that challenges your physical and mental skills! Stick around and have fun!

  • Tangram: With a short play, you will discover the history of TANGRAM and try out a few puzzles.

  • CLOSE IT! Making your math game: In this workshop you will build your own game to take home. In this game, add the dice results to close as many tabs as you can!

  • Math Number Hunt: Ready to move your body and your brain? Move up on a number line according to your number cards found in an energetic team number hunt!

  • Math Market: Sell, sell, sell! Buy, buy, buy! In this Math Market you will have the opportunity to sell old items for money and buy new and exciting products! (No real money or products required)

  • Ghostbusters Game: Who are you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Get ready to catch some ghosts! With your brilliant and quick math skills, make a ten as fast as you can to catch a set of ghosts.

  • Making Bead Chains to Boost your Mental Math Skills: Come make your own bead chains to play the “last one standing” game! You will have fun while improving your mental math skills at the same time.

  • Scavenger Hunt: Teams will go around the classroom and the school in an exciting scavenger hunt.

  • Math in Music: An interactive fun activity in the computer lab! Check out how fractions and music are connected. Use fractions, shapes and your creativity to create your own rhythm!

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