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Eleven High Schoolers Take Part in Wellness Conference

On September 12 and 13, eleven students from High School and Mr. Kieran De Groote, teacher and service coordinator, flew to São Paulo to take part in AASB’s Wellness Summit, hosted by Graded School. The idea is to gather people who are willing to share ideas and techniques to improve school environments around the world.

The main topics discussed were mindfulness - how to take some personal time to relax, take a step back and regain perspective - and the role of a student council - how it can help improve conditions of wellness to students. Dr. Paul Richards, superintendent of International Schools Group, was the keynote speaker guiding students through meditation sessions and empowerment guidance.

Marta Silva, Grade 11 student, shared that “the sessions approached several subjects in a manner that made me feel entitled to my path and capable of controlling my mind. It was very gratifying to see that among a chaotic culture our generation cares about happiness and well-being.”

Mr. De Groote believes that students benefit from such consultations due to the help in rationalising the amount of school work, social life and health. “I was surprised to see so many young people engaged in solving issues; eager to make things better not only in their schools, but in educational systems as a whole. They have come back empowered and ready to bring about change.”

“The whole group is willing to actively disseminate the significance of balance between the multiple facets of our student life. All students are excited about the construction and development of a student council that comprises affairs that concern the student body in a variety of aspects, many of which were brought up and discussed in the conference”, said Marta.

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