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School of the Nations Donates Mats to Charitable Institutions

During our end-of-year break while most are on vacation, some of our employees work even harder! Our maintenance and cleaning staff organize all improvements to be made to infrastructure that are necessary to start the new school year. From installing new playground equipment to repainting classrooms, our maintenance and cleaning crew always surprises us with their quality and efficiency.

One of the changes made this year was the purchase of new mats for our dance, judo and karate classes. We donated our old ones to APAE (Associação de Pais e Amigos dos Excepcionais) in Sobradinho, and to Marcondis Batista, Paralympic trainer of archery.

APAE was founded in 1954 in Rio de Janeiro and works today in over two thousand cities throughout Brazil. It promotes caring for people with disabilities, both physical and intellectual. The School donated over 100 mats, which the association is now using in its Jiu Jitsu and Capoeira classes.

Marcondis is a former athlete who has become a professional coach of the bow and arrow. He is currently coaching two paralympic athletes and teaches the sport to children as well. Soon he will be working with a daycare center in Varjão.

Marcondis shared that he feels so happy to be part of this chain of goodwill: “I’ve always devoted myself to sports and now we have some of the materials we need to plant this desire in others’ hearts.” We are happy to share, not only physical materials, but also kindness and gratefulness.

Other maintenance and renovation:


  • Remodeled 7 bathrooms and constructed 2 new ones near the ECE cafeteria

  • Constructed structure to provide shade over the main playground

  • Remodeled all playgrounds

  • Purchased 180 new mats

  • Renovated the teachers’ room

  • Completed installation of air conditioners in all classrooms

  • Painted, cleaned and renovated all classrooms and common areas

Main Campus

  • Renovated all playground areas

  • Completed installation of air conditioners in all classrooms

  • Purchased 135 new mats

  • Painted, cleaned and renovated all classrooms and common areas

  • Renovated the soccer field

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