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Grade 6 Boot Camp

This year our Secondary School Team welcomed our new 6th graders with open arms and a weeklong orientation to Middle School. They call it Boot Camp! Boot Camp helps prepare students for a smooth and successful transition into Middle School and helps them get to know their new teachers, new expectations and Grade 6.

Science teacher and organizer of the event Ms. Diane Gerry says “students benefit enormously by learning early what we expect of them.”

The theme for Boot Camp was perseverance as students transition into Grade 6 and persevere in being happy, focused and balanced. The week started with an Open House for Grade 6 parents. Teachers introduced themselves and their respective subjects, shared some of what students will learn this year, and introduced parents to Middle School. A welcome assembly was held for all Grade 6 students so they could get to know their new teachers and understand Middle School expectations. Students enjoyed team building with their Principal, Mr. Kevin Jaramillo, and Assistant Principal, Mr. Valmir Gomes. Throughout the week, teachers helped students transition by teaching them what they need to be successful this year, such as note-taking strategies, setting up their laptops for the Bring-Your- Own-Device Program and using Schoology.

Ms. Gerry said “Boot Camp made me feel as if I had known my new students for a long time. It was exciting for me to see all their smiling faces and to learn more about each of them over the week.”

Forty-eight students and more than 12 teachers and staff went on the overnight camping retreat at Rancho Canabrava. Students set up tents, slept under the stars, hiked, rode horses, got adventurous on a rope course and ate marshmallows by the campfire. Olivia Hamilton (6A) said she had an amazing time. “My favorite part was the night we shared stories and got to know one another. The next morning, I took part in all the activities and enjoyed myself so much!”

Boot Camp was a huge success—full of happiness, kindness and selflessness. Welcome to Middle School Grade 6!

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