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Grade 4 Students Create a “Living Museum”

Meet and greet who our fourth graders consider some of the world’s most influential people! On June 8, students took on the role of an important historical figure and presented them in a project called “The Living Museum.”

Grade 4 students read books and search the web to research, take notes, and become experts on their historical figure of choice. They wrote informative papers on them and performed role playing in the “Living Museum” project. Presidents, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, activists, authors, scientists, and other renowned people came to life and spoke of their childhoods, their careers, challenges and important accomplishments.

The criteria students used to choose the person was that he or she had to be honorable and had to have positively influenced the world. Each student represented their chosen person by creating a board designed to look like the person, but replacing the face with their own! Many students also used props to enhance their role playing!

Children taught the public and each other about people, past and present, whom they admire or aspire to be like one day.

Grade 4 teacher, Ms. Annie Anderson, said, "Encouraging students to represent their work in an authentic way, such as role playing, is extremely beneficial for them to build confidence in communicating effectively in our English class."

The Living Museum was a success thanks to students’ effort and enthusiasm. A big congratulations to Ms. Annie Anderson and Ms. Sandra Chaves, and of course, to all our 4th graders!

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