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Festa Junina 2016

We held our annual Festa Junina on Saturday, June 4th, at the School’s main campus, and it proved to be one of the most successful events yet, with over 2,000 people in attendance!

Students, staff, alumni, families and friends gathered for an evening of fun with traditional food, games and dances! Classes from Nursery through Grade 5 presented traditional Festa Junina dances. This year, even staff members and parents danced, and, boy, did they rock! What a show!

Lots of booths were set up offering the most delicious treats, like barbecue on a stick, corn, hot dogs, canjica and more. The PTA’s Quitandas da Vovó sweets were a must! Children had the chance to throw a ball into a clown’s mouth, knock down cans, fish, toss rings and play crazy soccer! A lot of people won cool prizes with the traditional bingo game, too. This year, we raffled five scholarships for Real Madrid’s Official Football Summer Camp, with official managers. The lucky students who earned the prizes were:

Diogo Salgado Ferreira de Souza - Grade 1B

Joana Rocha de Queiroz - 3B

Iuri Marques Tozetti - 2C

Matheus Bastos Spadinger - 3B

Rafael Frensel Saraiva Tzelikis - Kinder B

The money raised from entrance tickets was donated to our Solar Station Project - a project led by Chemistry Teacher, Mr. Wiliam Mendonça, and Grade 12 students.

A special part of this year’s Festa Junina is that all the decorations were made of recycled materials - cardboard, cans, pipes, old stationary materials, and more. It is surprising to see how “trash” can turn into treasure. A huge thank you to our event, maintenance, cleaning and administrative staff for putting on such a well-organized and well-planned celebration, and to teachers, monitors and the educational staff for their beautiful presentations.

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