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Eighteen New Masters at School of the Nations

Our second group of students, enrolled in the school-sponsored Masters Program from State University of New York (SUNY) graduated on May 22, 2016! They are now ready to share and apply their knowledge on research-based educational strategies and techniques at School of the Nations.

The State University of New York provides quality educational programs to international schools throughout the world. The University offers a vast range of courses in education and educational leadership. In consultation with SUNY, School of the Nations custom designed this program to meet the needs of students, teachers and the institution.

The SUNY Master’s Program provides teachers the opportunity to improve their knowledge of modern educational theories and practices. Over the course of two-and-a-half years, experienced professors in the areas of Creativity, Understanding by Design, Educational Scientific Thesis Writing, among others, came to our school to teach theories and skills proven to have the greatest impact on student learning. The Master’s program consisted of ten courses:

  • Teaching Individuals with Exceptionalities in the Regular Classroom

  • Methods and Techniques of Educational Research

  • Instructional Technologies

  • Master’s Project

  • Principles of Curriculum Design

  • Evaluation in Education

  • Learning Styles, Methods and Resources

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Site-Based Leadership

  • Supervision of Teaching

Elementary Social Studies and Computers teacher, Mr. Marc Sacco, said that over the two-and-a-half years “one of my personal results was a total rethinking of the computer curriculum to include new and exciting areas of Information Technology, such as robotics. I'm thankful to School of the Nations for sponsoring the program. It has made me reflect deeply on my practice as a teacher and what I have learned will benefit my students.”

We congratulate all graduating teachers who achieved this important milestone. We look forward to seeing them putting what they learned into practice!

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