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Book Fair - From Books to the Screen

Over 1500 people came out to this year’s Book Fair on May 14. The theme, “From Books to the Screen,” inspired the creativity of students and teachers in their artwork, which was on display throughout the school. Last November, fifteen possible themes were voted on with books and movies being the most popular.

The Book Fair was decorated with symbols from movies and cartoons, such as “It’s Raining Burgers,” "Pooh," "Curious George," "Miss Spider," "The Wizard of Oz," “Alice in the Wonderland," "The Little Prince," "The Fault in our Stars," "Harry Potter," "Shrek," "Lord of the Rings," "How to Train Your Dragon," "Narnia," "Sítio do Pica Pau Amarelo," "Peter Pan," "Pride and Prejudice" and "The Secret Garden."

The Parent-Teacher Association was an important partner again this year. Besides organizing the highly popular and successful Book Swap, they also created a project called “Stories That Marked My Childhood.” Parents were encouraged to write about stories and books that had an impact on them as a child. The winner of the best story was Gisela Sekeff, a parent in Elementary, and a Kindle was raffled.

Every grade worked on the theme differently. At the Early Childhood campus, students made decorations for their classrooms and for workshops and compared versions of books and films. In Elementary School, students actually wrote their own books! In Secondary School, students made movies, wrote poems and even staged stories. In High School, students also wrote books and created some great literature.

This year, the Book Fair started at 8 a.m. at the Early Childhood campus and moved to the Main Campus at 10 a.m. The drama company “Trupe Trabalhe Essa Ideia” presented a beautiful and interesting bilingual version of Puss in Boots. Over ten workshops were organized by the Early Childhood staff:

- Painting on Canvas

- Playdough

- Mandala Drawing

- Book Fair-Themed Hats

- Spider-Shaped Cookies

- Rainbow Fruit Salad

- Yoga Stations

- Break Dancing

- Slackline

- Karaoke

At our Main Campus, the Book Fair started with touching presentations from the school choir and band, and a moment of prayer. The Library sold English literature from Jamer Books, and local book shops were present. Authors such as Íris Borges, João Rodrigues, Rose Borges, Elisa Salomon, Carlos Augusto Segato, Roberta Ribeiro and Ruth Souza visited us to share their stories. Ana Marize Solino told stories. Twenty-two students from São Sebastião took part as well. They had a private session of art workshop and then enjoyed the other activities.

We appreciate all the efforts in making our Book Fair 2016 a huge success.

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