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2016 Seniors Off To University

Some Seniors have sorted out their next steps already, packing their suitcases to start their first year of university abroad. Others, having just taken the federal university entrance exam (the famous vestibular) anxiously await their scores. At this time of fast-paced change and news, our recent High School graduates, Antônio Guilherme, Victoria Porto, Mariel Jeffris, and Ricardo Zatz, share some of their thoughts.

“It’s stressful,” sums up Victoria. “But it’s a new phase, so it’s natural that we feel a bit nervous.” All four agree that there is a mix of anxiety and excitement now that their High School days are over. Mariel and Ricardo are apprehensive about leaving behind family, friends, and their country. While Victoria and Guilherme mention the challenging and highly competitive vestibular. They know, however, that this will also be a time of intense learning and growth. In Ricardo’s words, “the excitement is greater than the fear.”

Some students have known from early on that they would be going abroad. Mariel, for instance, in Grade 7, was already considering studying in the United States, where part of her family lives. Victoria and Guilherme, on the other hand, have always imagined themselves living here. “I’ve always wanted to stay in Brasília; I love Brazil, and medical school out there is complicated,” she explains. But for those who are still not sure, the School offers guidance for both international and national universities. Ricardo was uncertain until the very last minute, but with his Guidance Counselor’s help, he kept up with both programs and prepared for both possibilities.

The AP Classes offered to Nations’ High School students - AP English Literature, AP English Language, AP Spanish Language and Culture, AP World History, AP Calculus, AP Biology, and AP Capstone - bring great opportunities not only to those who want to study abroad, but also for those who decide to study in Brazil. These subjects, offered and supervised by the College Board, are university-level courses taught by certified teachers and can grant students university credits in nearly all North American universities and many others. Mariel and Ricardo earned credits in multiple subjects, which will decrease the number of required credits they have to take their first year of college. Victoria confirms the benefits of AP classes for students who do not want to study abroad, highlighting Ms. Mallory Verick’s AP English class, “I gained a lot from it, as a reader, especially.”

Seniors expect to reap the results of their education both academically and socially. They mention how the school has taught them to deal with people from other cultures and backgrounds and to understand different points of view. They explain that, at Nations, they discovered and developed their passions, shaping their critical thinking and opinions. And they emphasize the patience and dedication of teachers.

“I feel ready for any challenge that comes up! I am certain that the preparation I received at school will lead to success at the university.” Good luck class of 2016!

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