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Nations’ Teachers Take Part in Workshop on Accessibility

On February 19, our ECE and Elementary teachers took part in a workshop on accessibility with Physical Education professional, Mr. Luciano Terra. After the training, they had the opportunity to meet the National Paralympic Medallist of Table Tennis, Bruno Braga, who shared his touching story.

Physical Education teacher, Mr. Filipe Pádua, said the training was spectacular. “What a pleasure to take part in this workshop to learn how to see and deal with differences. Learning how the athlete lives his life in such an optimistic way was inspiring.”

Bruno’s charisma and his important message had such an impact that we asked him to return to speak with students. He visited all three sections of the school leaving an impression in everyone’s hearts. Students were curious and asked some very interesting questions, which made Bruno feel even more at ease. Student’s reactions were genuine, positive and loving! It was a moment to remember.

Bruno said, “I shared a little of my life and in return I received smiles, kisses, hugs, questions, curiosities, compliments and especially, the caring that only a child can give you with a look. Thanks, School of the Nations! What an unforgettable experience!”

We appreciate deeply our partnership with Luciano and Bruno. We are honored you shared your lesson of life!

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