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MUN Club Takes Part in BSBMUN

On November 13 and 14, student members of the Model United Nations Club at School of the Nations took part in the BSBMUN (Brasília Model United Nations) Conference, hosted by the American School of Brasília. They worked intensely throughout these two full days of conference.

Twenty-two students represented Nations in three different committees: the Security Council, the Economic-Social Committee (ECOSOC) and the innovative FIFA Committee. Chairs Marina Julião and Artur Della Nina acted as mediators of the debate.

The Security Council debated important themes such as the conflicts in Venezuela, where the population is fighting for their rights, the question of peace and security in Yemen, a land that belongs practically to no one and that is full of extremist groups.

The Economic-Social Committee worked on the themes of the 2030 agenda and the most recent problems regarding Syrian refugees. They discussed whether all the proposed items for 2030 would be reached, or whether it could be considered a partial success, like the most recent agenda.

On the innovative FIFA Committee, the delegates discussed the theme of corruption in their events, and how all the associations together can help prevent such actions. They also decided who should host the 2026 World Cup.

School of the Nations took home many prizes and commendations. Ricardo Zatz and Mariel Jeffris won the prize of Honorable Mention. Gabriel Chandler, Gabriel da Motta, Rafael Pacheco and Flavia Patrício each received a Verbal Commendation. Other delegations also played their roles with much devotion and professionalism.

It was a successful learning experience for the delegates. All of them left excited and ready to improve their skills for their next conference: BRAMUN!

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