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Festival of Lights 2015

“...Today, all horizons of the world are illuminated with the light of unity ...we were created to carry forward an ever-advancing civilization..."

Every year, we set aside one night to gather in communion and appreciation of all religions. We sing, dance and pray together. This year, our Festival of Lights took place on November 19 and it was simply beautiful how students put into action this year’s theme - Virtues.

Elementary School staff, administrators and parent collaborators worked for months planning and organizing this year’s Festival of Lights. Students rehearsed touching songs during music classes to present at the Festival!

Students’ work on the characteristics of each religion and the decorations made from all recycled materials made the festival as beautiful as ever. Students dressed in white to represent peace and light. Between songs and prayers, a candle was lit in respect for each religion represented, followed by an individual prayer and moment of silence in remembrance of the attacks happening throughout the world in the name of religion and intolerance.

All present were filled with the light of unity, lifting hearts and inspiring hope.

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