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Black Awareness Day

“Remember, remember the 20th of November!” Black Awareness day, also known as Black History day is celebrated annually in Brazil. Although Afro-Brazilian history became part of the educational curriculum in 2003, how many times do people stop to reflect on the black history of their cities, their countries, and their world?

One of School of the Nations’ core values is unity in diversity. In Secondary school, a lecture was given about the rich contributions the world has received from Africa and the influences of the afro culture in our daily lives. The focus was to help students reflect on the tools this generation holds to eliminate prejudice and to honour the memory of Zumbi dos Palmares, a former slave and leader who offered others refuge.

Francisco, captured at age 7, ran away to Quilombo dos Palmares at the age of 15. There, he was “reborn” as a Zumbie dedicating his life to promoting justice and racial equality.

All students tied together colorful pieces of fabric creating a gigantic symbol in celebration for the day. Classes in all sections discussed the beauty of Black history and its effects on today’s society.

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