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Arts Day at Nations

On November 21, School of the Nations celebrated the arts. Over one hundred and fifty student paintings decorated our campus. Arts Day not only celebrated National Music Day (November 22) but also honored other other forms of art. All students gathered for a morning of fun - dancing, singing, painting, baking, performing and creating.

Secondary students had a variety of options taking place simultaneously with many being able to take part in all. Local companies volunteered to share their knowledge and skills with students. A workshop on how to create bracelets was offered by Fashion Teen® and students drew the most beautiful mandalas and geometric pieces of art with the help of Orange Tree Studio®. Risofloras® showed all their talent by painting some of our panels with graffiti, and students were able to create their own artwork as well. Floor Riders® astonished parents and students alike with their incredible breakdancing performances.

Students from grades 8 and 9 presented their prize-winning play “Entre o Céu e a Terra” to over 100 parents, staff and students. Visual arts teacher, Daniel Burigo, led a workshop on painting with leaves. Our music teachers teamed with alumni, students and parents to offer a special presentation of their Nations Live Music with V.I.P guests - Diego Considera (cavaquinho), Beto Cardoso (acoustic guitar) - Jansiley Carvalho (trumpet) - Leo Sena (drums) - Artur Senna (percussion) - Izabella Rocha Dourado (vocals) - Gabriela Dourado (vocals) - Ricardo Zatz (vocals) - Julian Sanseverino (vocals) and Luciana Pitanga (vocals). We were also honored with the presence of Hermusche Wag, who had his beautiful artwork of Brasilia on exhibition.

Elementary School stole the show by having teachers give a variety of workshops such as Watercolors of the World, Facial Painting, Arts in Math, Paper Bag Muppets, Modern Dance, Street Dance, Sports, Capoeira, Cooking and Baking, Hula Hoop and percussion kept. Students just loved it!

The Early Childhood Education team focused on the art of Music, specially the Brazilian. Professional musicians performed a touching presentation of Brazilian Popular Music. A Jazz trio, a Samba trio and a Classic duet (piano and clarinet) performed amazingly. Everyone sang songs that have influenced Brazilian music such as O Pato, by Toquinho and A Casa, by Vinicius de Moraes.

What a memorable day! In addition to having a lot of fun and learning more about the arts, students were able to show the school community their artistic abilities.

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